Kitty Hawk Fishing Pier


I have spent almost every summer of my life on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the town of Kitty Hawk. About a mile North of my family’s beach house is the Kitty Hawk Fishing Pier. This pier has been an icon symbol in my life. I have seen this pier for as long as I can remember, had countless breakfasts in the restaurant and watched as waves rolled under the pier threatening to take us down with it. The Outer Banks sees some really wild weather year round; Winter Nor’easters and Summer Hurricanes. Through it all this pier has stayed strong (for the most part, Hurricane Isabel a few years back took down the very end of the pier). Over the years I have photographed this pier over and over again. In the foggy mornings, during and after hurricanes, in the middle of the night and during the height of the summer crowds. The pier is never the same on any given day.