Welcome to my New Website

Welcome to my new and improved website. I am always on a quest to come up with an effective way to showcase my photography. My original website was dedicated solely to landscape photography as that represented the bulk of my work. Over the past year I have tried to broadened my horizons by trying as many different styles of photography as I can. Some styles have proved easier than others. I now have categories representing landscapes, flowers, action, portrait/people, wildlife and astrophotography. In the future I hope to add other categories as I try different things. With the addition of so many new categories of photographs I had to come up with a new way to display them all.

Another new addition to my site is this blog or journal or news feed or whatever you want to call it. This blog will give me a way to share my travels and whatever photographs I take that don’t necessarily fit into any given category. I take pictures almost every single day of whatever happens to be around me and sometimes I want to share those photos as random as they might be. While traveling, this will be my way of updating friends, family and anyone willing to take the time to read this of where I am, what I am doing and what I am seeing with my camera.

This site is in constant development and is far from being finalized. Lets call this Beta 1.0 for now. I would love to hear any comments on the site. What would make it better? What would you as a viewer like to see? Is the site working on your computer? Would anything make it easier to navigate? Answers to those types of questions would be a huge benefit to me. As a warning, not all of the galleries have images.

I would like to thank Ricardo Lugo for making this website come together. I can come up with ideas but making those ideas into a working website is black magic to me.

Enjoy the photos

Paul Gardner

paulbgardner at gmail.com (substitue “at” with @)